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The Red Cobras Recording for New Album "American Boys"

The Red Cobras hit the studio this weekend to record for their new album, "American Boys." This time, they're keeping things close to home, recording locally in their hometown of Martinez, CA at Harvest Moon Studios with Engineer Mike Peterson.

The boys blasted through 4 songs in one day, nailing tracks for the title track, "American Boys," as well as their 70's style classic rock ode to 'the one that got away,' "Just Gettin' Started," and a Ramones-esque cover of Shirley & Lee's "Let the Good Times Roll." The final song was an eary Beatles like happy-sad ballad, "Why Can't I Be With You?"

Even though their first album, "Tragedy, Faith, & Love" was released by Universal's In Grooves label and garnered acclaim for its "digital vinyl" production -an industry first, the Red Cobras are expanding their sound, entering with swagger into sophomore album maturity but keeping the fire burning on their trademark scorching energy.

Even though being in the studio is super exciting, especially with this band, it is also very exhausting and, by the end of the day, everyone was exhausted, including me. But it was a good day and I'll never forget being invited to a recording session for my favorite band.

Track previews in the form of snippets & teases will released soon.

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